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At Veative, we take device agnosticism seriously. Although we have a preferred device (the EduPro), Veative has been device agnostic since Day 1. As our solution (VR content + analytics) is about the educational benefits of VR for learning, we have been less concerned about the device used than the experience gained. To that end, we have deployed our solution on a number of standalone devices (Oculus Go, Pico Goblin, Lenovo Daydream) around the world. We have created the EduPro to solve issues with each device, but we are aware that some regions and markets need an alternative solution, which may involve a VR-ready phone and a viewer.We have delivered many of those as well. Let’s take a look at what is needed.

VR is not a gimmick, when deployed correctly. Let learners explore abstract ideas in a distraction-free environment, and allow them to connect with these concepts at their own pace. The VR is a uniquely personal experience and Veative is on a mission to enhance the learning experience of learners everywhere, while also supporting the teaching experience of instructors. In doing so, we are committed to positively influencing engagement, retention, and desire to learn.Our STEM VR modules enrich education by increasing learner involvement, focus, and overall academic performance. Too often lost in the VR classroom are the needs of the teacher. But not with Veative. As teachers ourselves we know the importance of connecting teachers to the students and we achieve this through reports and analytics. This is a vital component of the VR classroom because it furthers the idea of learner agency and independence, while making teacher-time more efficient and valuable.